New company name

Dear customer/supplier,

You may have noticed that Dicas has been renamed! At the beginning of November 2011, the company was transferred from father to son and whilst we will be retaining the professionalism, technical knowledge and values Dicas was renowned for, a wave of innovative changes, a revitalised synergy of new ideas has been set in motion and this has prompted us to change our name to ‘Sablo’, the Esperanto word for ‘sand’.

To you, our customers and suppliers, you will still be able to count on the service you have come to know us for and all contact details will remain unchanged, you will even be able to use our old email addresses (@ for sometime. We launched our new website where new projects will be displayed along with up to date information on the materials we use and further details you may find interesting about ourselves.

Could we ask that you amend your records to show the new information shown below. Many thanks.

Sablo B.V.B.A. 
Veldenstraat 14
2470 Retie

VAT no: BE 0840 487 677

tel:           +32 17 37 17 17
fax:          +32 14 37 15 55

If you still have questions about this notice, you may contact us!


Thomas Spooren

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